Premium Finance

Financing your life insurance policy creates leverage. Discover the significant value of leverage.

Premium Finance life insurance allows for greater cash growth in a policy and keep more cash

More money working you. More protection for you and your family

Building up cash in a policy is an effective way to grow leveraged dollars in a tax-free environment. Each person has a unique goal and based on your objectives we put together a strategy to achieve those goals.


Financing insurance involves borrowing money from the bank that creates tremendous leverage

Traditional Premium Finance

Money is borrowed from a lender to pay the insurance premiums. Premium Finance allows for maximization strategies for tax-free income planning and death benefit. The ideal client for this high-net worth individuals.

Hybrid Premium Finance

We offer a Hybrid option for the upper middle class with little to no assets. This gives you more life insurance and tax-free growth potential with 3X the leverage than what you could buy on your own.

Business Strategies

Leveraging premium finance designs for your key employees and executive bonuses plans provides a cost effective and tax advantaged strategies to preserve capital and allow your business to invest n other assets.



Karen H.

Best Advisors

Bettencourt has a group of people who helped me to with my insurance. Yolanda, Norman, and Michael are the best advisors! Wasn't sure of how insurance worked or how to protect my money, but they took the time to help me. Highly recommend!


Brianna B.

Experienced Team

They have an experienced team which helped me with my insurance needs. Yolanda was great to work with.  Thanks!



Marcy C.

Excellent Service

Excellent service and was a great experience. They have good communication and are knowledgeable agents in financial advisory. They me to level-up my security and future with great financial advice and insurance, highly appreciated!

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