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Who Needs Life Insurance?


Whether or not you have dependents, life insurance could be beneficial in future situations. Suppose you had unsettled debt at the time of your death. The death benefit from life insurance could help pay down any existing debt.

Married/domestic partners

In order to plan for and help protect your loved ones in the future, it’s important to think about the financial requirements that may arise with each milestone – throughout career changes, home ownership, and saving a nest egg for you and your spouse or partner.

Traditional families

At this point in your life you may have young children, or teenagers attending college soon that you want to help protect and provide for in the future. You may be faced with concurrent long-term expenses, such as saving for your retirement, while at the same time funding a child’s day care expenses or college tuition.

Empty nesters/retirees

With your working years nearly complete, now may be the time to help protect your loved ones and strategically allocate your savings. By doing so, you could be better prepared and more comfortable in the years that lie ahead.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company. The main purpose of life insurance is to provide a financial benefit to your loved ones in the event of an early death. Typical reasons for buying life insurance include:

  • Paying funeral expenses

  • Providing mortgage assistance

  • Supplementing educational expenses for children and spouse

  • Replacing lost income

  • Helping to protect the value of an estate after the insured passes on

What types of life insurance can help meet your needs?

Fixed index universal life insurance

FIUL is life insurance that provides death benefit protection with the potential to accumulate cash value.

It offers a combination of 3 tax advantages:

  • income-tax-free death benefit

  • Tax-deferred accumulation value

  • Tax-free loans

What else does FIUL offer?

FIUL provides you with the opportunity to earn cash value based on indexed interest utilizing a variety of crediting methods and allocation options. Optional riders are available to customize your policy to fit your needs (may include additional cost). Let FIUL be a powerful asset in your financial strategy.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is affordable coverage for those looking for protection for a specific period of time. With term insurance you can have assurance that your beneficiaries will be provided for when you are gone.


Term life insurance is affordable coverage for those looking for protection for a specific period of time:

  • Guaranteed life insurance protection for a specific period of time

  • Level, affordable premium payments

Click below to request information from a financial professional about how fixed index universal life insurance can help provide financial protection for your loved ones, while helping you accumulate potential cash value for future needs.