Annuities offer protection for your money and provides an opportunity to benefit from an upturn in the market with no loss of accumulation value in a down market.

Annuities offer many benefits based on market indexes which earn interest that is tax-deferred on the gains.

44% of Millennials overestimate the cost of term life insurance by 5x.

Whether you’re in an accumulation phase or planning for retirement phase in life, Annuity products are designed to minimize risk while enhancing the value and security of your overall portfolio. Annuities are great products which offer multiple tax benefits that also help lower income taxes when it’s time to transition to retirement.


Annuity products are designed to minimize risk while enhancing the value and security of your overall portfolio.

Fixed Index Annuity

A Fixed Annuity builds from a single premium with a conservative fixed rate of return or guaranteed interest rate and is fixed for a set number of years, usually from 3 years and up.

Index Annuity

An Indexed Annuity allows you to participate in various market indexes and receive gains based on the market performance. The annuities we offer also have protection in a down market, so you don’t lose your growth on investment.

Immediate Annuity

An Immediate Annuity allows you to begin receiving income payments from other funded retirement accounts, such as a 401(k), on a tax-deferred basis. Immediate annuities have several payout options and can provide steady guaranteed income for life.



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Bettencourt has a group of people who helped me to with my insurance. Yolanda, Norman, and Michael are the best advisors! Wasn't sure of how insurance worked or how to protect my money, but they took the time to help me. Highly recommend!


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They have an experienced team which helped me with my insurance needs. Yolanda was great to work with. Thanks!



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Excellent service and was a great experience. They have good communication and are knowledgeable agents in financial advisory. They me to level-up my security and future with great financial advice and insurance, highly appreciated!

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